Welcome to Industrial technical services

Welcome to Industrial Technical Services – your single source for Aquametrix and Water Analytics Products in Eastern Canada. We stock, sell, service, repair and calibrate Aquametrix products. 

We have been providing instrumentation and controls products and services since 1982 and have industry leaders as loyal clients.  We are one of the premier Single Source Instrumentation & Automation Products and Services providers in the region.

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Industries & applications

Our products are mainstays in industries such as industrial wastewater, HVAC, aquaculture, food-and-beverage and municipal wastewater.  For more information, please call us at 1 888 487 8677 or send an email to sales@itsinstruments.com


Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) demand constant monitoring. Using our solution one of the largest aquaculture operations in North America implemented monitoring and control at a fraction of the cost of a system of PLC’s.


For high temperature clean-in-place or high strength wastewater, food, beverage and dairy operations rely on AquaMetrix sensors and controllers to work for years with just simple maintenance.


AquaMetrix sensors monitor and control water purity through conductivity, disinfectant level through ORP, and scaling potential through pH. There’s an AquaMetrix solutions for one boiler or hundreds of coolers in a data center.


For the toughest environments AquaMetrix products are the gold standard. They work when everything else fails. For a complete process control system or part of a larger SCADA system we have the sensors and analyzers to do the job.


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